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36 years of

Black Excellence

Becoming a member can take on multiple meanings. To be considered an active member, your national dues must be paid. In order to gain local chapter benefits, your FAMSTATE dues must be paid. Read further to make the right choices for yourself!

To Join the FAMSTATE Chapter:

NSBE is the National Society of Black Engineers, a national student-led organization. Membership with NSBE allows you to register for conferences and apply for scholarships.

You must register as an official member of NSBE through their official site. Click the button above to register as a member!


FAMSTATE is the official name for the FAMU-FSU Chapter of NSBE. Membership with FAMSTATE has many perks, including being able to travel to conferences with us and members-only content on our website

to join FAMSTATE today! Send $25 to $FAMSTATE with the note "[First Name + Last Name] Chapter Dues 22/23"

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